Friday, January 20, 2012


Tomorrow is our first competition as a team! We are taking 7 dancers down to Chicago for the UDA Collegiate Dance Competition. We are all excited to see what's going to happen, and we truly hope this snow stops by then. Pictures and video will be uploaded soon. Wish us luck.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Schedule (Games are Bolded)

Jan 15th (Sunday) Dance Clinic (Practice Following)                                 Meet at Noon (gym)

Jan 16th (Monday) Game and Dance Clinic                                           Meet at 5:30PM SHARP

Jan 17th (Tuesday) Practice                                                                    6:30PM in CH Room
·        - Final auditions for the competition routine will be at 6:35PM

Jan 19th (Thursday) Practice                                                                   Workout and 7:30 CH Room

Friday Night (20th Dinner at Applebees on 76th Street, Greenfield. 7:00PM)

Jan 21st (Saturday) COMPETITION                                                         6:30AM in CH Parking Lot

Jan 22nd (Sunday) Practice                                                                   6:30PM in Gym
·        -  Learning new routine(s)
·        - Perfecting Hip Hop

Jan 24th (Tuesday) Practice                                                                   6:30PM in Dance Room
·         Perfecting and (final) audition for Hip Hop

Jan 26th (Thursday) Game                                                                   6:00 in Auditorium
·         - Performing Hip Hop

Jan 28 (Saturday) Game                                                                       6:00 in Auditorium
·        - Performing Competition or New

Jan 29th (Sunday) Practice                                                                     6:30PM in CH Room

Feb 2nd (Thursday) Practice                                                                   Workout and 7:30 CH Room

Feb 4th (Saturday) Game                                                                        6:00 in Auditorium

Feb 5th (Sunday) Practice                                                                       6:30PM in Gym

Feb 9th (Thursday) Game                                                                      6:00 in Auditorium      

Feb 12th (Sunday) Spirit of Hope                                                          Meeting @ Alverno 12:00