Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 Schedule (Games are Bolded)

Jan 15th (Sunday) Dance Clinic (Practice Following)                                 Meet at Noon (gym)

Jan 16th (Monday) Game and Dance Clinic                                           Meet at 5:30PM SHARP

Jan 17th (Tuesday) Practice                                                                    6:30PM in CH Room
·        - Final auditions for the competition routine will be at 6:35PM

Jan 19th (Thursday) Practice                                                                   Workout and 7:30 CH Room

Friday Night (20th Dinner at Applebees on 76th Street, Greenfield. 7:00PM)

Jan 21st (Saturday) COMPETITION                                                         6:30AM in CH Parking Lot

Jan 22nd (Sunday) Practice                                                                   6:30PM in Gym
·        -  Learning new routine(s)
·        - Perfecting Hip Hop

Jan 24th (Tuesday) Practice                                                                   6:30PM in Dance Room
·         Perfecting and (final) audition for Hip Hop

Jan 26th (Thursday) Game                                                                   6:00 in Auditorium
·         - Performing Hip Hop

Jan 28 (Saturday) Game                                                                       6:00 in Auditorium
·        - Performing Competition or New

Jan 29th (Sunday) Practice                                                                     6:30PM in CH Room

Feb 2nd (Thursday) Practice                                                                   Workout and 7:30 CH Room

Feb 4th (Saturday) Game                                                                        6:00 in Auditorium

Feb 5th (Sunday) Practice                                                                       6:30PM in Gym

Feb 9th (Thursday) Game                                                                      6:00 in Auditorium      

Feb 12th (Sunday) Spirit of Hope                                                          Meeting @ Alverno 12:00 

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